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Professional Development for Financial Literacy

Table of Contents

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is a unique three-level course.

Level 1, the teacher considered the course from the student’s perspective. Education courses of the early 2000s taught teachers to embrace the course and learn everything so they can teach students. It wasn’t until later that teachers were told to construct their own courses to master the subject. In PFL&E, teachers simply need to read all of the materials, watch all of the videos, and mentally complete all assignments.

Level 2 is from the perspective of the teacher. You review the TEKS and TIPS in the course designed to engage students in the materials.

Level 3 is from the perspective of the professional teacher, expecting students to think, problem-solve, and engage their brains to develop creative solutions.

To see the foundation of the course, go to PFL&E for Real Life and review the Table of Contents.

To understand thinking, CHATGPT Bloom’s Taxonomy critical thinking and problem-solving.

To understand performance at a distinguished level of the T-TESS, CHATGPT the T-TESS Rubric.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT allows the instructor to learn the Personal Financial Literacy course from the perspective of the student, teacher and self-mentor. Members of D&A’s Resource Team serve as a coach to  help the instructor teach high level thinking skills and master an assessment of the distinguished level of T-TESS Rubric.

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