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Decker & Associates Courses

Real Life Financial Mathematics (RLFM)

A motivating, one-year, classroom flipped, blended online course using Canvas LMS. Students receive a math credit for this CTE course which engages students in real-life problem-solving. RLFM is a TEA approved alternative course to Pre-Calc and Calculus. If Calculus is not required to attend college, RLFM is considered by college counselors to be the better choice.

Real Life Personal Finance for Dual Credit (RLPF-DC)

A challenging, one-semester, classroom flipped, blended online, Canvas LMS (license paid by D&A), financial literacy course meeting 100% of TEKS, 100% ELPS, and college content requirements.

Real Life Personal Finance Professional Development I & II

Using Canvas LMS (license paid by D&A), educators develop Personal Financial Literacy knowledge and pedagogy for applied thinking and real-life problem-solving. CTE hours - 50 PD1 and 60PD2. WORD TO THE WISE - if you want to teach a fun, fluff, personal financial literacy course and achieve no outcomes, nor change no lives, Real Life is probably not for you.

Real Life Personal Finance for the Classroom (RLPF-C)

A one-semester, one-half social studies credit course, for the flipped classroom. This blended online, Canvas LMS course, provides comprehensive personal financial education, career discovery, postsecondary selection & funding knowledge integrated with thinking and real-life problem-solving to ultimately achieve financial independence.

Real Life Personal Finance for Independent Study (RLPF-I)

A one semester, Canvas LMS (license paid by D&A), Personal Finance course designed for self-study students in credit recovery, summer programs, gifted and talented and homeschooling.

Ready to Launch

A workbook for students preparing for college. Content addresses areas often omitted in  PFL courses - funding college, selecting majors, and identifying financially rewarding careers.