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Personal Financial Literacy & Economics for Real LIFE

Personal Finance course, developed by award-winning financial professionals, to prepare students for making real-life decisions.

Professional Development for PERSONAL financial literacy

D&A shares decades of professional financial experience with educators on how to teach a rigorous, thinking, personal financial course and achieve life-changing outcomes for teachers and students.

Real Life Financial Mathematics

An advanced math and CTE course for real-life personal financial literacy, career & college planning.


A rigorous, real-life, comprehensive financial course, custom designed by financial professionals for your state’s high school students.

Personal FinanceS for FAMILIES WITH TEENS

An engaging, curriculum for families to plan the future together

Ready To Launch

The perfect workbook for college-bound students with material not found in typical financial literacy courses – how to save thousands of dollars in college expenses, how to select the right major, and how to identify the careers you will love and provide a desired standard of living.

For more than 50 years, Decker & Associates, Inc (D&A), a social impact enterprise, has provided unbiased financial education and planning to thousands of families worldwide. Employers, schools, government, and NPOs have retained D&A for ts experienced, professional expertise on retirement, relocation, estate planning, taxes, and investment management.

In 2024, D&A introduces high school students to a Texas approved Personal Financial Literacy & Economics for Real Life. Read the FEEDBACK review by the Texas State Review Panel:

This offering for this newly created and mandated option necessary for graduation from high school in the State of Texas is nothing short of outstanding. We found the presentation of the material engaging, fresh and on-point to allow the teacher to convey the PFL/Econ TEKS/ELPS in a precise yet concise format that students will benefit from enormously. The scope and sequence is advanced which will give the teacher a lot of latitude in selecting their classroom approach. The students will benefit from the comprehensive body of material to learn the subject in a concrete and useful way. The level of rigor is high which might create a stretch goal for a fair percentage of students when taught by the less experienced teacher of either PFL or Economics.

D&A brings real-life and real-world experience to the student. The online curriculum requires students to think, problem-solve, work in teams, complete projects, and take responsibility for their future.

Students begin by setting goals and developing ten-year plans. As they gain an understanding of financial, career, taxes, budgeting, post-secondary funding, employer expectations, compensation, and benefits, they modify their goals, plans, and funding to achieve financial security and independence.

D&A publications are built on a foundation of real-life counseling, not just book knowledge! They are designed to achieve life-changing outcomes and prepare students to succeed in a world of technology and artificial intelligence.


Creating a Plan For Your Future When Faced with So Many Debts!

In Sept 2023, economists reported that more than 1/3 of families earning more than $150,000 a year are challenged with paying credit card debt. Debt is not just a burden for lower or middle-income families. Now, the wealthy are in deep trouble. If you have any credit card debt, how do you plan to pay it off and become financially secure? The answer is NOT – cut up your credit cards! That is a silly response to debt. The answer is in learning how to manage debt. What can you do?

Real Life Courses

Decker & Associate, the leader and award winner in personal financial education curriculum

D&A is a specialty publisher of comprehensive, rigorous personal financial education and planning. D&A creators have received the FDIC Chairman’s Award for Financial Education, the $100,000 AARP Purpose Prize for outcomes from financial education, Virginia Tech award for Model Financial Education, and the PSCA’s annual award in Financial Education.

D&A offers social studies, math, CTE and professional development courses with engaging critical thinking, problem-solving and real-life financial, career and postsecondary education funding and selection.

Real Life Financial Mathematics (RLFM)

A motivating, one-year, classroom online course providing a Texas high school math credit. RLFM is a TEA approved alternative course to Pre-Calc and Calculus. If Calculus is not required to attend college, RLFM is considered by college counselors to be the better choice.

Personal Financial Literacy for Your State (PFL-Custom)

Contents customized for a State's knowledge and learning requirements. Core course is a challenging, one-semester, online financial literacy course for high school / college students.

Personal Finances for Families with Teens (coming in 2024)

Setting goals and making plans for the future require open financial communication between parents and their young adult adolescents. Discussions are often heated and consist of "You don't understand!" This online course brings everyone together on the same page with the objective of making complex decisions insightful and producing a win-win outcome.

Personal Financial Literacy & Economics for Real Life (PFL&E)

A one-semester, one-half social studies credit on line course is approved for the Texas high school graduation requirement. This rigorous, yet personally guided course provides comprehensive personal financial education, career discovery, postsecondary selection & funding knowledge integrated with thinking and real-life problem-solving to ultimately achieve financial independence.

Professional Development for Financial Literacy (PD)

Teachers work at their own pace with a financial professional to gain knowledge on how to implement high level thinking and problem-solving instructional methodology with students. Teachers enhance their personal financial and economics knowledge.

Ready to Launch

A workbook for students preparing for college. Content addresses areas often omitted in  PFL courses - funding college, selecting majors, and identifying financially rewarding careers.