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The Leader in Personal Financial Education

Since 1980, Decker & Associates (D&A) has been a social-impact entity, with a mission of providing unbiased, professional, financial knowledge to individuals wanting to achieve financial security and independence. Companies, government agencies, non-profits, and school districts retained Decker & Associates to work with employees to help them analyze compensation, select benefits, manage 401(k) plans, and create financial, investment and estate planning strategies for financial independence. Through D&A workshops and counseling, tens of thousands of employees received objective, experienced financial advice.

In 2004, Decker created two non-profit organizations for socio-economic change. Skills For Living focused on providing objective financial education to working poor adults. Financial Mentors of America worked with underserved high school and college student helping them break the cycle of poverty and plan for the future.

D&A embraces a mission of socio-economic transformation. The founders have helped thousands of families become financially secure and independent.  D&A believes that through a comprehensive, personal finance education, young adults can learn how to think, problem-solve and gain the knowledge that will guide them in making positive life choices, and making a commitment to their community and the future.


About the Publishers

Leaders in the financial planning and education industry

Lorraine Ross Decker

Kenneth Lee Decker

Lorraine attended high school in New Jersey and college at the University of Texas in Austin. After changing majors several times, she graduated with a double major in Journalism and government. She hoped to change the world. Ken and Lorraine married and moved to Italy for a year. Upon returning to the U.S. she entered the financial service industry and became the first female sales manager at Prudential. After receiving designations as a Chartered Life Underwriter, Chartered Financial Consultant, and a Masters of Science in Financial Services, Lorraine left Prudential and created Decker & Associates, Inc. to provide objective, fee-only financial counseling to individuals.

She has invested her life designing workshops, courses and counseling individuals to achieve financial security and independence.

Ken graduated from Wichita Falls High School, and then graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C with a degree in Foreign Service. After working for a year, Ken and Lorraine married and Ken attended Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Bologna, Italy.  They returned to Texas where Ken became the export director for the Texas Department of Agriculture. 

While working at the TDA, Ken completed graduate classes at UT in accounting and received his CPA designation. The Deckers moved to Houston where Ken worked as an international tax accountant until he joined Decker & Associates. D&A was the fist fee-only financial planning firm in Houston. 

Together Ken and Lorraine have worked to change the world.