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Personal Financial Literacy & Economics for Real Life


Personal Financial Literacy & Economics for Real Life (PFL&E 4RL) is perfect for young adults  who want to have a successful, financially secure and independent future.

Most students want to be independent but have little knowledge of the financial challenges they will face. This course has students begin by setting goals and ten-year plans as a foundation. They then acquire knowledge, uniquely presented by D&A, based on decades of counseling experience, and students modify their goals as their plans are calibrated to reality.

The course is real but extremely positive. By starting in high school, they can think about careers, compensation, benefits, want and needs and select and fund post-secondary education goals to produce a successful, independent future. 

  • PFL&E is a 1/2 credit Social Studies course.
  • PFL&E has achieved 100% of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and 100% of the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS).
  • The course offers students Immersive Reader with 125 languages to enhance students’ understanding of the material.
  • It has been approved by the Texas State Board of Education as a required course for graduation from high school.

During the Texas Education Agency’s instructional materials State Review Panel, the reviewers wrote:

This offering for this newly created and mandated option necessary for graduation from high school in the State of Texas is nothing short of outstanding. We found the presentation of the material engaging, fresh and on-point to allow the teacher to convey the PFL/Econ TEKS/ELPS in a precise yet concise format that students will benefit from enormously. The scope and sequence is advanced which will give the teacher a lot of latitude in selecting their classroom approach. The students will benefit from the comprehensive body of material to learn the subject in a concrete and useful way. The level of rigor is high which might create a stretch goal for a fair percentage of students when taught by the less experienced teacher of either PFL or Economics.

Anyone may preview the course. Access https://decker.instructure.com. The username is Evaluate@DeckerUSA.com and the password is 12345678. We encourage you to preview the course through August 1, 2024.

D&A is the leader in the field of financial education. The firm and officers have received numerous awards. D&A, a social impact entity with a mission of socio-economic transformation. We want to prepare students for the future to maintain our country’s competitiveness and leadership in the face of global competition.

PFL&E 4 RL prepares students for real life. It is designed for students who need to set goals, understand the importance of making solid career, financial, and academic decisions to execute their plans for a financially secure & independent future.

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