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Real Life Financial Mathematics (RLFM)


Real Life Financial Mathematics (RLFM) is a one-year, one credit, advanced math blended online course introduced in September 2017. Although a math course, with an Algebra I pre-requisite, it receives Career & Technology Education (CTE) additional funding of 35%. It is the only course approved by the Texas Educational Agency. RLFM provides a deep, objective, education in personal finances, career discovery, and funding of post-secondary education utilizing a classroom flipped thinking instructional methodology.

Students gain knowledge that will impact their lives. They learn to think and answer real-life questions, such as —How to:

  • Identify a career that you love and provides excellent compensation and benefits
  • Use math to solve real-life problems
  • Fund and reduce the cost of postsecondary education
  • Analyze and reduce the cost of transportation and housing
  • Develop a ten-year life plan to set a course for becoming financially secure and independent

RLFM also offers instructors an opportunity to implement a Bloom’s pedagogy of critical thinking where teachers —

  • ask questions, and challenge students to discover the answers,
  • teach students how to evaluate several options and not select the easiest answer,
  • teach students how to think, as opposed to what to think,
  • teach students how to creatively work in teams and manage underperforming team members,
  • challenge students to make audience-engaging presentations, and
  • expect students to share their ideas, ask questions of each other and learn how to communicate with adults and future employers.

RLFM is about real life. It is developed by the leader in personal financial education, Decker & Associates with
financial professionals who are award-winning, experienced, unbiased, & outcome-focused.

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