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Personal Financial Literacy for Your State


When officials mandate a personal financial literacy course for high school graduation, what do you think were the outcomes they hoped to achieve?

After graduation, have student college loans decreased? Have college completion rates increased? Do employers state they are extremely pleased with the skills and thinking ability of new hires? Are they accruing less credit card debt? Are your new graduates adding to the prosperity of your state’s economy?

Research on the impact of financial literacy courses in high school has shown typical high school courses have little positive impact on future young adult decisions.

After fifty years of financial consulting with thousands of families and a successful pilot with hundreds of Title I high school students, we believe Real Life Courses are different and produce the outcomes you, your teachers, your students, and your State deserve.

There are many reasons why D&A courses achieve positive results, but one reason is that the course content is relevant to their future.

Your state can have a personal financial literacy course that can achieve outcomes and not be just another course. To obtain a new course, you simply need to contact Decker & Associates, a specialty publisher of outcome-driven, rigorous, real-life financial curricula.

Research demonstrates that free online courses and those that are constructed with an entertainment focus simply do not deliver the impact for students to achieve social and economic transformation. Although inexpensive, their families, the district, and the community have clearly not provided successful outcomes.

PFL For Your State will guide future and current students in making real-life decisions with stellar outcomes. It is developed by Decker & Associates, a financial education publisher with award-winning, experienced, professionals.

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