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Personal Financial Literacy & Economics for Real Life



PERSONAL FINANCIAL LITERACY & ECONOMICS FOR REAL LIFE is offered at a competitive price. Each license is for one year. Therefore, if a district offers PFL in the fall and spring, one student may be assigned the license in the fall, and then removed at the end of the course and a second student may be assigned the license for the spring.

 A one year student license is $40. If used twice, the average price is $20 per student. The eight year license is $280, paid in year one. If the students in the course exceed the number of licenses purchased, the district will be charge $40 for each extra license.

 Teacher licenses are $160 per license. It too may be used twice in a school year, reducing the average price to $80 per instructor. The eight year license is $1,120. Over an eight year period with 16 teachers, the average cost per teacher is $70.

 Example, District A has 500 students who will enroll in PFL&E for Real Life in the 2024-25 school year. When registration is complete 300 students enroll in the fall and 200 students in the spring. The district purchases 300 student licenses @ $40 per license or $12,000. In the spring, assume more student join the course than planned and 400 sign up for the course. Three hundred licenses have been bought, so the district needs to purchase 100 more licenses at $40 each, or $4,000. The result is 700 students have taken the course at a total cost of $16,000 or $22.86 per license.

ISBN – Student License (COMPONENT) – $40 -1 year – 9798350703702S1 
ISBN – Student License – (COMPONENT) – $280 – 8 year – 9798350703702S8

ISBN – Teacher License (COMPONENT) – $160 -1 year – 9798350703702T1 
ISBN – Teacher License – (COMPONENT) – $1,120 – 8 year – 9798350703702T8

ISBN – Teacher License with Prof Dev (PROGRAM) – $435 – 1 year – 9798350703702-PD

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