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Personal Financial Literacy for Your State

Why should your STATE want a Decker & Associates Real Life course?

Decker & Associates has more than 50 years of experience in solving real life financial challenges and helping families and students develop plans for being financially secure and independent. D&A curricula comes from real life, not from lifting content from online websites.

D&A has received numerous awards because our curriculum achieves results. FDIC Chairman’s Award, AARP – Purpose Prize, Profit Sharing Council of America, Virginia Tech, and the State of Texas have recognized D&A for its accomplishments.

If you are going to mandate a personal financial literacy course, why not offer students a course which requires students to accept responsibility for their future and the knowledge, understanding and skills to change their future.

The course must be rigorous if it is going to prepare students for the age of artificial intelligence, where creative and critical thinking will be required. Teachers must be also be supported as they conduct classes aligned with Bloom’s Taxonomy’s highest level of thinking.

Once student understand what the future will require to achieve success, most students state they want real-life education, courses which will prepare them for adulthood and the future. This course does both and could save them from making many mistakes in the selection of careers, college majors, student loans and financial planning for their future. 

How much will a custom-designed course cost?
  1. D&A needs to know the standards you require.
  2. D&A compares your standards with our time-tested course contents and revise the content for your State’s local economics.
  3. What endorsements are possible, how will the purchase of instructional materials be funded and how many students will be enrolled in the course each year?

Based of an understanding of the above three, we can provide a proposal and get to know your objectives, as well as how outcomes will be measured. There is no cost to you for us to gather the information and write a proposal, if that is required.

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