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Personal Finances for Families with Teens

Why should a district, charter school and home school offer students PFL&E 4 Real Life?

All high school students are required to pass either an economics or personal financial literacy and economics course to graduate. Why select this D&A course?

It is about real life and developed by award winning professionals with practical experience in counseling families with teens. 

The State Review Panel commented, “This offering is nothing short of outstanding. We found the presentation of the material engaging, fresh and on-point to allow the teacher to convey the PFL/Econ TEKS/ELPS in a precise yet concise format that students will benefit from enormously.”

Why offer a blended classroom course?

PFL&E For Real Life is rigorous. It challenges students to set goals, create a 10-year plan and then modify their plans as they gain financial, career, post-secondary and personal information to have a secure and financially independent future.

Students independently read lessons and then work on case studies, assignments, and videos to gain a deeper understanding and learn how to think. Much of the classroom discussion engages teams.

This course replicates a real world working environment where associates are expected to think and work independently. When a benchmark or task is complete, associates return to a team or manager for review and confirmation of progress.


Why select Personal Financial Literacy & Economics for Real Life? Eight Reasons - Rigor, Real Life, Retention
  1. PFL&E 4RL is written by award-winning financial professionals with fifty years of experience in real life financial education and counseling.
  2. PFL&E 4RL is updated bi-annually. This saves teachers hundreds of hours of additional work trying to identify objectives, updated reference material, changing assignments and videos.
  3. With a legislative mandate, PFL&E 4RL provides a 1/2 social studies credit.
  4. It is approved by the TEA meeting 100% of the TEKS and ELPS and accessibility standards.
  5. In addition to rigor requiring a deep-level of understanding of the subject matter, students are challenged to think, problem-solve, work in teams, make presentations and communicate with adults.
  6. Students develop a ten-year plan for their future and make changes now to secure postsecondary education and a financially secure future. This translates into outcomes for the district with more students graduating career and college ready, more attending PSE and more graduating from PSE.
  7. Students master Canvas Learning Management Systems. This LMS is frequently licensed by colleges and universities. Using it now is an excellent foundation for online learning.
  8. Teacher apply the course for their personal planning and discover the financial value of their TRS pension. This results in higher district retention of teachers.
What is the role of a teacher in PFL&E 4RL?

Unlike other high school courses where the instructor often conveys information by a lecture, in this course, the student is responsible for acquiring the information independently and in class. The teacher adds real-life subject matter experience, asks challenging questions, evaluates presentations and student team work.  The student benefits when the teacher is a “student” of personal finance and learns from the publisher, friends, and students. The instructor should implement a high level of Bloom’s Taxonomy instructional methodology – asking relevant questions and challenging students to develop creative answers. Teacher will believe this course can change student futures.

What support is available to teachers for professional development?

D&A provides an online PD course of study focused on Bloom’s Taxonomy, Critical Thinking, T-TESS Rubrics and personal finance subject matter. The PD course has two options – self-study or coach/mentor led instruction with Zoom sessions with other teachers.

Additionally, D&A is desirous to support every teacher. We are available by phone and email.

Can a teacher add Activities to PFL&E 4RL?
Absolutely. The course contains more than 100 Assignments, Team Activities and Quizzes that an instructor can modify as desired. Each build on the ultimate objective of having a student graduate from this course and high school, prepared for a successful life. 
What is the cost of PFL&E 4RL?
Assume you have a district of 500 students who want to take this course. If all 500 students attend in one term the student license fee is $20,000, or 500 x $40.
If students are divided into two terms the cost is $10,000 since the first 250 Fall licenses will be reused again in the Spring term. If offered as a summer course the cost can be reduced to less than $7,000 or effectively $14 per license, $7,000/500 students. Planning will save your district money and offer students more opportunities to enroll in this course.

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