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Real Life Personal Financial Professional Development FAQs

Why should I pay for professional development when it is free from other sources?

You have certainly heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.” Although this is not 100% true, in the field of financial services, paying for objective, fee-only, experienced information and advice allows you to clearly understand the agenda of the provider. In D&A’s case, our mission is socio-economic transformation through quality, objective personal financial education (PFE). In other words, we hope to change the future of our students, communities, state, and nation through PFE.

You should pay the tuition for this course if you want:

  • a deep understanding of personal finances,
  • instruction from award-winning professionals,
  • to learn how to motivate your students to become financially secure
  • to help develop the thinking capacity of your students
  • to develop a personal plan for becoming financially secure and independent
Do I have to take two courses? Do I have to take the two courses in order?

You can take RLPF-PD-! and stop. You must though take PD-1 to take PD-2.  The material in RLPF-PD-2 assumes you have successfully completed RLPF-PD-1.

Must I take the two courses in the same time period?

No, but, you will need to use your five-section notebook to recall homework and contents. Therefore, take good notes since you have a license for each course for only 90-days.

I was planning on using the material in this course to teach personal finances. Is this permitted?

The material in all Real Life courses is copyrighted. YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION to duplicate the material. You are paying for the knowledge and with that knowledge, you can try to write your own course. Your course must contain 100% of the TEKS, 100% of the ELPS and be certified as being accessible by hearing impaired, and visually impaired, including those who are color blind. It is our hope you will be wise enough to know that writing your own course, that complies with standards, will require hundreds of hours for which you may not receive compensation as a course developer. And one more consideration, experience. You have probably never practiced as a financial planning professional. Writing your own course and updating it throughout the year will probably be a disservice to you, your family and your students.

If I complete professional development training and want to offer Real Life Financial Mathematics or Real Life Personal Finances, what is the cost?

The cost varies based on the course, but the licenses can be as little as $10/student. This is probably less than what it would cost you photocopying charges to copy “free” materials from the internet. Complete CONTACT US form.

How do I enroll? When can I start?

Complete the CONTACT US form and you will receive the license to start within 48 hours of receipt of your payment.

RLPD is created to prepare you for teaching a thinking, problem-solving, cause and effect course. It will help you gain personal finance knowledge and understanding, apply that knowledge to your personal situation, and give you the confidence needed to bridge students into real life. RLPD is developed by Decker & Associates – award winning experienced financial professionals.

Click on the topics for more information – Table of Contents, Frequently Asked Questions and Pricing. If you have more questions, please complete the CONTACT US form.