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RLPF-I Pricing

Real Life Personal Finance – Independent Study pricing for PEIMS 3380082

Licenses 1-Year License 8-Year License
Student License – ISBN 9780999747704 $75* $540*
Instructor License – ISBN 9780999747735 $155 $1,240
Stand-Alone Instructor Only License – ISBN 9781733505772 $655 $5,240

Student Licenses are for students who have access to computers, Chrome Books or smart cell phones and can possibly have access to the course 24/7. Since the license is for one year and the course is one-semester, each student license may be used by three students – one in the fall semester, one in the spring and one in the summer.  Therefore, the cost per student license can be as little as $540/ 8 years /3 classes = $22.50. At $22.50 / student this is less than the cost of photocopying the contents of a textbook or copied from the internet, hoping it correlates with the 186 TEK breakouts for contents and 186 activities.

The Instructor License assumes someone is monitoring a student’s progress if credit is to be given.

Each 8-year instructor license provides the instructor with a free professional development course – Real Life Personal Professional Development #1, 50 hours of CPE at a $200 value.

The Stand-Alone Instructor Only License is for teachers with students who do not have access to computers and will be projecting content.

RLPF is a flipped, blended online course, updated annually. Decker & Associates, the publisher, pays the licensing fee to Canvas Instructure for this course.

Students who learn how to use this award-winning Learning Management System will be better prepared for the future since each year the percent of online post-secondary courses increases.

Examples – A school district has 100 students in spring and 90 students in fall in a credit recovery program and 100 students in elective summer school. Although the district has 290 students in the course, it needs to purchase only 100 licenses. The price for an 8-year license is  ($540 x 100) = $54,000. * A 10% discount is given on student licenses.

If three instructors teach the class, one per semester, the district needs to purchase 1 instructor license for 8-years at $1,240. This provides the free professional development course for a teacher.  The other teachers are encouraged to also take the PD course at a tuition of $200/license.

A homeschool student wants the RLPF-I course. The cost for a one-year license is $75 + $155 = $225. The parent assumes the role of the instructor. If no instructor is desired, the student will evaluate his own progress and the cost is $75.

There is no additional fee for Tier II and Tier III work.

Students are permitted to renew their licenses for $37.50 / year, a 50% discount.

Please complete the CONTACT US form to request licenses or have your instructional materials department send a Purchase Order to Ken@DeckerUSA.com. Call 713-927-9300 Ken Decker, CPA-PFS, CFP should you have any questions.

RLPF – Independent Study prepares students for real life. The fee for the course is minor when compared to the quality of the material. The course is designed to save students money and improve the social and economic future of the students.

Click on the topics for more information – Table of Contents, Frequently Asked Questions and Pricing. If you have more questions or wish to preview the course, please complete the CONTACT US form.