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Real Life Personal Finance for Independent Study (RLPF-I)

Real Life Personal Finance for Independent Study (RLPF-I) is perfect for the individual who wants to gain personal financial information, develop a plan for the future and is motivated to do whatever thinking is required to take this course independently. Decker believes the ideal candidate for this course is a student who:

  • Needs a 1/2 credit to graduate, and wants a meaningful academic experience,
  • Is gifted, talented, goal-oriented and wants to learn how to think, not be told what to think,
  • Is graduating from a home school and want to have a plan for the future,
  • Is a college student and wants an unbiased source for financial, career,  and college decisions, and
  • Has read Ready To Launch and wants the next step in their financial education.

In Texas, RLPF-I meets 100% TEKS and 100% ELPS for a 1/2 social studies credit. Students should take this course to plan for the future and avoid costly mistakes.

It provides a deep understanding of the subject, allowing students to create a ten-year plan for their future, make informed choices, and will be a valuable resource for making life decisions.

In addition to the core RLPF-I course, D&A encourages a student who demonstrated success in the course to take the next step in his career. If a student discovers he really likes accounting, real estate, personal income tax, insurance or financial planning, he can proceed independently to Tier II. Tier II consists of case studies related to the chosen subject matter. The student works with the publisher to research and complete studies, justifying the answers he provides. The main focus is to have the student think, problem-solve and understand cause and effect, the decisions he and clients would face in real life. Upon completion, the student takes an exam in Tier III which measures his understanding, as opposed to memorization of information. If successful, the student is given a letter of recommendation, a certificate of completion and his resume and photo are published on the website so he can reference the page when interviewing for an internship or first career.

Decker is the leader in the field of financial education. The firm and officers have received numerous awards. Employers recognize the need for thinking, qualified, new employees. D&A, a social impact entity, has a mission of socio-economic transformation. Helping the U.S. maintain its competitiveness and leadership in the face of global competition is a significant part of positive social and economic change.

RLPF – Independent Study prepares students for real life. It is designed for students in credit recovery, summer courses of study, homeschools and those who are highly motivated to succeed in life.

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