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Real Life Personal Finance for the Classroom

RLPF-C prepares students to make real-life decisions. Because students need and want to learn about making financial, career and postsecondary education decisions, RLPF provides objective, deep-thinking, objective content developed by award-winning, experience, professionals.

RLPF-C is designed as a flipped course where students independently read course concepts. Instructors then have students complete exercises, either individually or in teams and the balance of the class time is spent in discussions with teachers asking challenging questions and student presentations.

Having educated 7,200 students in personal finance, D&A understands that a district may simply want to hold a course that is fun and entertaining. The only outcome expected of the course is to pass the final exam.

Academic research reveals that personal financial literacy courses have no impact on future decisions if the course doesn’t require students to envision a future, develop a plan, think, problem solve and understand financial options. Worse, a course that offers simplistic advice, such as everyone should buy a home, provided the foundation of the financial crisis of 2008.

What outcomes do you wish to achieve by offering personal finance?  If “none” is the answer, then any course will do, even the free material from the internet.  If, on the other hand, you want your students to complete high school, enter postsecondary education, graduate from PSE, and become financially secure, then collaborate with D&A to make those life-changing outcomes happen for your students, district and community.

RLPF – Classroom Version is for flipped, blended online instruction designed by experienced, objective, award-winning, financial professionals.

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