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RLPF-DC – Pricing

Real Life Personal Finance – Dual Credit Version pricing for PEIMS 3380082

Licenses 1-Year 6-Year
Student License – ISBN 9780999747711 $50 $300
Instructor License – ISBN 9780999747766 $155 $930
Stand-Alone Instructor Only License – ISBN 9780999747780 $655 $4,800

Student Licenses are for students who have computers.
The Instructor License assumes a classroom teacher.
The Stand-Alone Instructor Only License is for teachers whose students do not have access to computers, which should rarely occur in a dual credit or college class.

RLPF is a blended online course, updated annually. Decker & Associates pays the licensing fee to Canvas Instructure for this course. If your district has a Canvas license, please contact us about adding Real Life to your instance.

Students who learn how to use this award-winning Learning Management System will be better prepared for the future since each year the percent of online post-secondary courses increases.

Examples – A school district has 100 students in dual credit programs. All students are taught by the same teacher.  Their pricing for a 6-year license is  ($300 x 100) + $930 = $30,930.

If next year the school has 50 more students and a different teacher, the school pays for $50 x 5 years x 50 licenses $250 x 50 = $12,500. The instructor license for years one through six was purchased in year one.

If you need D&A assistance to discuss RLPF with a college instructor, please call us.

Please complete the CONTACT US form to request licenses or have your instructional materials department send a Purchase Order to Lorraine@DeckerUSA.com. Call 713-256-8643 Lorraine Decker, CLU, ChFC, MSFS should you have any questions.