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RLFM – Pricing

Real Life Financial Mathematics pricing for PEIMS 13018000

Licenses 1-Year 4-Year
Student License – ISBN 9780997734638 $35 $140
Instructor in Classroom License – ISBN 9780997734621 $155 $620
Stand-Alone Instructor Only License – ISBN 9780997734614 $655 $2,620

Student Licenses are for students who have computers.
Instructor in Classroom License requires students to have licenses.
The Stand-Alone Instructor Only License is for teachers whose students do not have access to computers.

RLFM is a blended online course, updated annually for the NEW NORMAL. Decker & Associates pays the licensing fee for this course to Canvas Instructure. If the district is using Canvas, the course can be loaded on your instance.

Students who learn now how to use this award-winning Learning Management System will be better prepared for the future since each year the percent of online post-secondary courses increases.

Examples – A school district has 100 students in four classes, all classes being taught by the same teacher.  Their pricing for a 4-year license is  ($140 x 100) + $620 = $14,620. Remember that this course is also classified as CTE, therefore special funding is available to districts offering this course.

If next year the school has 50 more students and a different teacher, the school pays for $35 x 3 years x 50 licenses = $5,250. The instructor license for years one through four was paid for in year one.

A homeschool student wants the RLFM course. The cost for a one-year license is $35 + $155 = $190. The parent assumes the role of the instructor.

Please complete the CONTACT US form to request licenses or have your instructional materials department send a Purchase Order to Lorraine@DeckerUSA.com. Call 713-256-8643 Lorraine Decker, CLU, ChFC, MSFS should you have any questions.